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Holistic Heaven offers a deeply soothing experience that touches your spirit. 


The combination of two treatments brings about a wonderful feeling of relaxation, a deep sense of peace and induces a glorious feeling of happiness.

It truly is a beautiful combination, something very special for you to experience

Below are a few examples of our treatments designed to meet your needs 

Relax Fermanagh Irvinestown
Aromatherapy Reflexology Fibromyalgia



Aromatherapy back, neck & shoulder massage with reflexology


The beautiful combination of pure essential oil aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage with reflexology gives you the feeling of total bliss.  It soothes your muscles, stimulates your circulation and energy flow assisting your body to naturally achieve balance.


Mind, Body & Sole

Relax and rebalance with reflexology & Reiki


Begin with a gentle Reiki treatment to help relieve stress and balance the energy throughout your body, followed by a wonderfully calming and relaxing reflexology treatment, finishing off with a nourishing aromatherapy hot oil massage of the feet.

Reiki is fantastic for relaxation and the rebalancing of body and mind. It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes wellbeing by working on the energy throughout the body and is a non-intrusive treatment.

Reiki Reflexology Kinetic Chain Release
Kinetic Chain Release Reiki


Aromatherapy back, neck & shoulder massage and Advanced Facial Reflexology


Facial reflexology works on the same basis as foot reflexology. The stimulation of points and zones on the surface of the face sends impulses through the bodys central nervous system and meridians (energy channels) to the major organs and physical body, encouraging good blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and hormonal balance. An additional benefit of the treatment is that it stimulates the facial nerves, muscles and tissues, releasing tension, encouraging better skin and muscle tone, improving the complexion and helping to reduce wrinkles.
This is then complimented with an aromatherapy massage of the back, neck and shoulders.  In this treatment essential oils are choosen and blended specifically to suit you and your needs on the day.

Pure Indulgence

Aromatherapy body massage with Advanced Facial Reflexology


Drift away on a glorious journey of relaxation, peace and happiness with a pure essential oil aromatherapy soothing body massage to include the back, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck followed by an aromatherapy organic skincare facial, advanced facial reflexology and pressure point scalp massage to gently release stress and tension, activate the body’s natural healing powers and restore harmony & balance. 

You will receive a bottle of our signature luxury Rose Otto & Rose Geranium Facial Oil to take home with you.

Ziggie Bergman Zone Facelift

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